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Custom putter putt-off at The Golf Club of Amelia Island

Sunday Couple’s Golf

The Sunday Couples Golf Group at The Golf Club of Amelia Island gathered after their regular Sunday competition for a putt-off on the practice putting green.

Over the past few months 11 custom painted and bedazzled, custom putters began appearing at the club. 
Emily Gordon inherited them from a golfer’s estate and finally came up with a way to dispose of them in an environmentally acceptable manner. She created these trophy putters and presented them on the advice of a “mysterious trillionaire committee”. 

Emily moved to the island about a year ago from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where she had a long and successful career as an artist. On the appointed day all of the putters were reunited, just for the game. Margaret Cooper donated 5 loaves of home-made pumpkin bread. Several bottles of 2-buck-chuck and the bread loaves were placed adjacent the holes and winners had to hit the prizes to claim them. Nancy Carpenter’s husband, Jim, was on form for the day and immediately claimed 2 bottles of wine. Terry and Louise Eberle scored well even with their heavily laden and lighted, Halloween putter. They claimed a small, original painting. After what seemed like 137 putts Robert Rufus won the final loaf. He is persistent!

The couples group meets every Sunday at The Golf Club of Amelia Island for 9-holes of golf followed by lunch on the deck and very hard teasing.

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