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Emily’s startlingly modern and colorful sculptures consist of multiple layers of acrylic paint, interlaced with paraffin, resin, gold and silver leaf. This contemporary art form achieves remarkable visual depth which has the simultaneous effect of mesmerizing and thrilling the observer.

Emily personally developed this unique style of art; a form of multi-media, which progressively evolved through years of extensive experimentation until she finally found the final technique that she finds satisfying.

After having lived for nearly 40 years in the Middle East, Emily admits a fascination for the sensual shapes, colors and designs of Arabic, Moorish, and Byzantine architecture, and communicates this passion through her work.

A couple of years ago, she and husband Patrick,  returned to the United States, and now live in the northeastern corner of Florida.

 She has found artistically fertile grounds on Amelia Island where visual art is a way of life. She has found artistically fertile grounds on Amelia Island where visual art is a way of life. 

Her artistic donation to the Ritz Carlton’s Concours d’Elégance Classic Car show was auctioned and raised a considerable amount of money for military charities and introduced her upscale art to the region. 

Nothing is safe from her artistic musings including, canvas, scraps of cardboard and wood, clay pottery, baskets, furniture and even golf clubs, especially putters.  Emily is an avid golfer and admits to a handicap in the high teens. 

Emily is now developing new themes in her work called, “The Florida Collection” and “The Haunted South”.  

The latest is a small painting series titled “Brunching” Collection.

New Small Size (8x8) Paintings from Emily's Atelier

As I’m getting ready to personally “hand-deliver” the Weekend Brunch collection to esteemed buyers in Abu Dhabi, I am proud to have been commissioned for this series of small 16″x16″ framed works for an Abu Dhabi project. I’ll tell you all about it upon my return. – Emily

Recently Sold during an Exhibition Trip "Home" to
Abu Dhabi

The Haunted South Collection

The Haunted South 1 - 12 x 12" - $295
The Haunted South 2 - 12 x 12" - $295
The Haunted South 3 - 12 x 12" - $295