Pogos Kitchen

Opening Night at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

Limited Edition Gifts such as Silk-Chiffon Cushions and Scarves

Piaggio Aerospace, Milan-Italy, Corporate Headquarters

Emily personally developed her unique style of art, a form of multi-media, which progressively evolved through years of extensive experimentation until she finally hit on the technique that she finds satisfying. Her startlingly modern and colorful ‘sculptures’ consist of multiple layers of acrylic paint, interlaced with paraffin, resin, gold and silver leaf. This contemporary art form achieves remarkable visual depth which has the simultaneous effect of mesmerizing and thrilling the observer.

Having lived for nearly 40 years in the Middle East, Emily admits a fascination for the sensual shapes, colors and designs of Arabic, Moorish, and Byzantine architecture, and communicates this passion through her work. Emily’s paintings can be found enhancing palaces, villas, corporate offices, hotels, homes, an installation aboard an executive jet and “The Club” in Abu Dhabi.

Since moving back to the USA, Emily has embraced the chance to adapt and explore her style to the Florida surroundings.

• 2019-2020 Plantation Artist Gallery, Omni Hotel, Amelia Island
• 2020-2021 Fern and Dina Gallery, Fernandina Beach, FL
• Commission pieces for the Concours d’Elegance
• Commission project for a royal palace in Abu Dhabi
• Fulfilling painting request for clients in Tampa, Panama City, Anchorage, Halifax, Toronto, Rome, Hamburg, Dubai, and Perth Australia.
• Art Commissions and Exhibition History (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
• iAM International Art Management
Spearheaded the formation of an international art management company along with two other dynamic women; Cherry Ali, an experienced UAE curator and Liz Totton, a highly respected Middle East journalist and public relations expert.
• iAM exhibitions
• 2019 Sofitel (The Palm Dubai)
• 2018 and 2019 Sofitel Abu Dhabi
• 2018 and 2019 – Hyatt Capital Gate rebranding. The new Anzac Hotel has been established an art gallery and boutique art shop in which we have been the sole curators.
• 2012 through 2019 Artist in Residence at the Fairmont Hotel. I was asked by the hotel G.M. and owner’s representative to design and develop a gallery exhibition space to feature regional contemporary artists. Typically exhibited in this space for three months per year.
2018 Participated in 5-day World Art Dubai Exhibition.

2000 through 2019 UAE Exhibitions
• Fairmont Hotel, Abu Dhabi
• Etihad Gallery, Abu Dhabi
• Majis Gallery, Dubai
• One and Only Royal Mirage, Dubai
• Grand Hyatt, Dubai
• National Theater, Abu Dhabi
• Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi
• Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi
• Ghaf Gallery, Abu Dhabi
• Bab Al Qasr Resort, Abu Dhabi
• Sharjah Museum (Women in Art)
• The British Club
• Yearly Open Studios
• Sofitel Hotel, Abu Dhabi
• Andaz Boutique Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Commissioned Works and Fun Projects:

• Executive Jet Fixed Base Operator lounges in London & Paris
• Multiple hotel projects that have included limited edition, signed prints (up to 600 pieces) and original artwork for VVIP Suites.
• Iconic restaurant refurbishment in Doha, Qatar required 24 original paintings based on Qatari culture.

• Company Headquarters, Boardrooms and CEO offices
Projects have included Raytheon, Abu Dhabi Water & Electric Co., Royal Jet, Financial institutions including the sovereign wealth fund, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Kuwaiti Hospital, Houston, Texas corporate offices of Universal Weather and Aviation.
• Gulf Air Airport Lounge
• American Community School, Abu Dhabi
• New York University, Abu Dhabi
• 26 original art paintings for new corporate offices in Milan, Italy for Piaggio Aircraft, a Mubadala company.

Fun projects:

• VVIP corporate airplane (Boeing 727) 
• A Mediterranean based Super yacht
• 20 to 60 small original art VIP gifts to foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, global CEOs, GCC Leaders and Royal Families,
• International sports legends, Estuary Auction House, Abu Dhabi.
• Designed and manufactured VIP Limited edition Gifts such as silk-chiffon cushions, and scarves:
Sold 6 original art images for their limited use.
• I’ve had some fun challenges like a ten-painting commission for an ice-restaurant/bar. The paintings had to be big and be able to survive sub-freezing temperatures. Dinner guests put on winter weather clothes for the evening. They wanted a very edgy, architectural feel for this most unusual desert-based restaurant. The end result was large, silver-colored wood panels layered with encaustic/wax and resin. The desired effect was an edgy, contemporary, architectural wall depicting a building that had melted with ice chunks slipping down the surface.
Donations of original art for charity auctions:
• Yearly donation to Breast Cancer
• Employees of The Club
• Animal Rescue of Abu Dhabi
• Offshore Sailor’s Charity
• Future Center, Abu Dhabi based children’s charity

Over the Years:

Worked with interior decorators and designers around the world:

• Deconsecrated church in Medellin, Colombia. Specifically, artwork to replace the church cross in the main chapel for an Architectural Digest writer’s second home.
• Loft conversion in Brisbane, Australia
• Bed & Breakfast in Portugal
• Rental villa and apartment on the island of Cyprus
• Artwork for a listed (Grand Design Show Home) Glasgow, Scotland
• Female mining executive office and home in Australia. Created five oversized sculptural building blocks spelling her daughter’s name.
• Forty-two paintings for a palace in Dubai.
• A midnight art appointment to sell a painting to a Russian oligarch for his wife’s birthday. The timing of the meeting was to get it on his executive jet first thing in the morning.